My Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Protocols for Strengthening Your Child’s Body and Immune System
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I often get asked what I personally do to support my growing child’s health in an imperfect world. 
I don’t fear encounters with toxins, germs or other pathogens. 
Instead, I do my best to avoid what I can and work to enhance my child’s resilience by nourishing his body with good things, like food, plants, herbs, vitamins, minerals, germs and dirt. 

That way, his body is well-prepared when faced with inevitable challenges along the way of growing up. 

In this free PDF, I share my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly protocols for making sure my kiddo is resilient. Learn how we use essential oils, minerals, gratitude, and so much more.
Tonya Holcomb is a wife, mother and a certified Naturopathic Doctor. She’s a transformational leader, reiki master, Emotion Code practitioner and a NES Bioenergetic Practitioner. She’s the host of the Fiercely Awakening Podcast and the founder of several online courses including Fiercely Empowered Mama, the Cleansing Circle, and the Untethered Sistermind

My greatest passion is helping everyday moms turn on their power, become willing to truly love themselves fiercely and tap into their God-given intuition to become fierce healers. I believe the health of the home starts with women, who are natural-born healers and may have simply forgotten.
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